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Dementia affects everyone differently. We create a safe environment that minimises the impact on how you live.

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Flourish, Even With Advanced Dementia

Our trained carers spend time getting to know you, in order to maintain your connection and relationships with family and friends. We encourage you to take part in activities that focus and stimulate your mind.

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Dementia Care Specialists

Currently 850,000 people suffer from Dementia. An estimated 2 million will be diagnosed, by 2051 at an unprecendented rate. This represents millions of families and loved ones requiring specialist care and support. If you’ve noticed that you or a loved one are starting to forget things once too often, contact us to learn more about our Dementia care program. Our daily engagement focuses on a person-centered approach that preserves sense of self and identity, allowing you to flourish, even at advanced stages of dementia.

Everything You Need To Know

Dementia Care Questions

Who is it recommended for?

A Dementia diagnosis can come as a shock. It causes confusion, forgetfulness and often makes you vulnerable to falls and accidents. Having to adjust or cope can be upsetting and worrying, especially for those closest to you. Without specialist help, your health and wellbeing are put at risk. We're here to support you, to live safely and make life easier.

What are the benefits?

At LiveCare we have a range of options, to help with Dementa and improve your quality of life, whilst keeping you comfortable in your own home. Our specialist carers are trained to ensure your needs are met, providing gentle guidance and visual reminders, to help you feel a sense of familiarity and safety.

  • Live in the familiar, secure and warm environment of your own home
  • Friends and family can visit as often as before
  • Someone to look after them, on a one-to-one basis, always
  • Daily routines established, with meals and sleep at fixed times
  • Adequate stimulation during the day, to aid restful sleep patterns
  • Trained expert Dementia carers receiving ongoing training
  • Care provided by a fully managed and CQC regulated agency

How much does it cost?

Dementia can include challenging issues, like wandering, aggressive behaviour, agitation and night disturbances. In normal instances, as the needs of dementia patients are greater, the cost are usually much higher. We know you already have a lot on your mind. That’s why provide transparent and simple pricing, so you understand how much Dementia care is going to cost. To learn just how little it can cost, speak to our friendly advisors today.

When will my care start?

With years of experience, we understand the difficulties and emotional problems faced by families. Before care commences, we arrange a home visit to put together a support plan, and establish a daily routine, that helps you to remain independent whilst coping with dementia. We share our knowledge and expertise with family members who might be concerned how best to manage your situation.

Why choose LiveCare?

Everyone experiences dementia differently. LiveCare provides specialist care that helps individuals cope, and families support those living with dementia. We create a safe environment, minimising changes that affect how well you live. We help you by focussing on stimulating the mind, using sensory activities that encourage cognitive and social interaction. If a family member is suffering from dementia, or you want to know more about how we can help, get in touch today.

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It's normal to have a lot of questions when looking for Dementia Care. Our friendly team are more than happy to answer any questions you might still have.

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