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Palliative care provides peace and comfort when you need it, so you can make the most of your time with your family.

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Our compassionate carers will keep you comfortable, surrounded by memories of the people you love. We can minimise your symptoms through medication, counseling and emotional support.

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When you're suffering with a chronic disease, some days can be harder than others. It can be difficult, for both you and your family, to come to terms with. Our palliative end-of-life care is there to support you at all stages, not just near the end. We work with your doctor, family, and specialists to keep you comfortable throughout your treatment. Our aim is to give you the highest quality end-of-life care, so you can be peaceful and content, knowing your family are supported.

Everything You Need To Know

Common End Of Life Care Questions

Who is it recommended for?

Palliative and end-of-life care isn't just for terminal diseases such as cancer. It’s ideal for anyone suffering from a serious and chronic illness, or life-limiting disease. With our support, many of our patients have continued to living for many years despite suffering from a chronic disease. Whether you're currently in hospital or suffering at home, we can help make it easier.

What are the benefits?

Our focus is on keeping you comfortable and healthy, no matter what problems you're facing. We help you to consider your options when facing a chronic or terminal disease. Our carers work towards:

  • treating your symptoms
  • administering pain medication
  • researching alternative therapies
  • helping you stay positive
  • alleviating fears and anxiety
  • engaging you with community support
  • supporting your family throughout

How much does it cost?

You may have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and a life expectancy of several months, while someone who's been in a severe car accident may only have a few days. Everyone's scenario is unique, requiring end-of-life care that is individually tailored to them. To find out how we can help you, and just how affordable it can be, contact us today!

When will my care start?

The aim of end-of-life and palliative care is to help keep you as comfortable as possible, while supporting your family and friends through an emotional and difficult time. We know it can be tough on the people who care for you, that's why we'll always visit you to discuss your options before creating a care plan. This allows us to discuss what medicines you're on, treatments available, and how we can help fulfill any final wishes.

Why choose LiveCare?

If either yourself or a loved one requires end-of-life, the first thing you should do is to contact us and we'll be able to discuss the various options available to you and give you all the help you need.

Not only do our carers help you to manage your symptoms and pain, they'll ensure you're always treated with dignity, compassion and respect. We understand the importance of keeping you clean and comfortable, whilst being surrounded by the people who matter to you the most. You can rest assured that we'll be there to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to fulfill all you final needs and wishes.

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