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Huntington’s disease can come as a shock. We understand the impact and can help you and your family manage

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Caring for a loved one with Huntington’s disease can be upsetting and put considerable strain on families. We can help you and your family manage the challenges of Huntington’s disease in your own home.

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Huntington’s Disease Care

Huntington’s disease is an incurable, degenerative illness which can be mentally and physically challenging for you and your loved ones. Living with the condition means you require additional support physically and emotionally, constantly re-adapting as your symptoms progress over time. If you suffer from Huntington’s disease we can help you positively cope with the challenges whilst remaining comfortable and independent as possible.

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Huntington’s Disease Care Questions

Who is it recommended for?

Symptoms of Huntington’s disease such as involuntary movement, and difficulties with speech, usually occcur in your 30s and 40s. Although juvenile Huntington’s can begin much earlier. Personality changes such as mood swings, irritability and erratic changes in behaviour are common at the early stages, and can often be the most distressing. We understand that as brain damage progressively worsens you may find moving, feeding or communicating difficult, and become fully dependent on others. We're here to offer emotional support and companionship, to both yourself and your family, to maintain the best quality of life possible.

What are the benefits?

We understand that even simple daily tasks like getting dressed, eating or getting around the house can be frustrating and exhausting when you suffer from Huntington's. Our specialist carers are experienced and compassionate, understanding that the whole family may need our support at any stage of the Huntington’s journey. As your symptoms develop and change over time, we'll be there to help you and your family manage the challenges you face. We can help by:

  • visiting to maintain general health, personal care and hygiene
  • adminster medication to ease your pain and symptoms
  • provide a listening ear to manage your anxiety and loneliness
  • performing general chores such as cleaning, laundry and shopping
  • attending local support networks and healthcare appointments
  • coordinating support with other health and social professionals
  • giving support to you and your family at sensitive end-of-life care

How much does it cost?

Sometimes it's difficult to think about what type of support you need, when cost is playing on your mind. LiveCare offer you the flexibility to choose a care packages that suits your needs and budget. The cost of Huntington's disease care is generally not that different from normal care, although certain behaviours and symptoms may require extra support. We can help you understand more about your options and chat about the best type of care for you. Contact us today!

When will my care start?

We usually perfom a home assessment with all new patients. This allows you the opportunity to discuss your needs and how Huntington’s Disease affects you. We'll discuss how you wish to live your life and what you'd like to achieve but are unable to do so because of your condition. Our assessments are friendly and informal, but ensure we capture all the information we need to support your needs.

Why choose LiveCare?

It's often difficult to find adequate support if you or your loved one are diagnosed with Huntington’s disease. It's quite natural to have questions and reservations about letting a carer into your home. But as the disease progresses, you'll find yourself struggling to cope on your own. Care can no longer be provided by family, in a safe enviroment. Our friendly, experienced carers can provide a range of specialist and complex care services for people with Huntington’s disease. We create a safe and therapeutic enviroment to meet your needs, from early diagnosis to later stages, including end-of-life care. We support both you and your family, to maximise your quality of life, whilst maintaining functional independence as long as possible.

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