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Safeguarding is about preventing and responding to concerns of abuse, harm or neglect of adults.

There Are Many Forms of Abuse

Everyone Has The Right To Live Free From Abuse And Neglect

Safeguarding is defined as ‘protecting an adult’s right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect.’ Our aim is to ensure all individuals that work in partnership with LIVECARE are protected from harm and are always treated equally.

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Principles of Adult Safeguarding

We encourage our staff to familiarise themselves with the safeguarding policy that is tailored specifically around vulnerable adults, be able to recognise any signs of abuse or neglect and understand the safeguarding procedure they have to follow if staff or the service user want to report a concern.

working with local authorities

Promoting The Welfare Of Vulnerable Adults

We Take Responsibility For Safeguarding

The safeguarding policy below includes all the information an individual or family member will need to know regarding how LiveCare will implement safeguarding on a day to day basis, before choosing the service. Please note that LiveCare have a tailored safeguarding policy which is kept in house, please contact info@golivecare.com for further enquiries.

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We genuinely care about the people we look after. If you feel you or anyone you know is at risk of or experiencing abuse or neglect you can report it by contacting us.

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